The 2016 Charger

If you want a sedan that offers up equal parts luxury, performance and all around attitude, Dodge’s 2016 Charger is well worth a look. One of the qualities that set the Charger apart is that it is unashamedly rear wheel drive in a world where most rivals employ front wheel drive.

Dodge Charger

Dodge Charger

. The V6 models also offer AWD. In addition, the Charger is one of only a handful of sedans in this price range that offer up the power of a V8. The powerful V8 is available in everything from the lower priced R/T model all the way to the notorious Hellcat with its 707 horsepower.

Although it’s generally the high performance, aggressive Charger models that get all the attention, this beast can also play nicely. If you stick to the V6 SXT or SE models you can enjoy all the qualities of a traditional American sedan, such as a quiet cabin, a soft ride, and quite a few amenities for the price. This isn’t to say that the Charger is old fashioned however. The touchscreen infotainment system is pure 21st century and an 8 speed automatic transmission gives it a leg up on some of its competitors. As with most Dodges, the Charger has left a wide space for customization, and whether you prefer a Charger that is focused on the creature comforts or a performance version that is all set for the track, the chances are good that you will be able to have it built to suit.

Just because the 2016 Charger is performance oriented, that doesn’t mean that they slacked off on the interior. A sleekly designed dashboard and quality materials give the interior a much broader appeal. There is ample shoulder room, both front and back, and the seats are every bit a spacious as you’d expect from a full sized sedan, even for taller than average drivers or passengers. With a 16.5 cubic foot capacity, the trunk is also a respectable size for this class.

Crash tests on the 2016 Charger have not been conducted yet, but previous models have all earned five stars; the highest overall score for NHTSA safety testing. The fuel rating is troubling to some, with the V6 coming in at 19mpg city and 31mpg on the highway (18 city and 27 highway for the AWD models). The V8 will mean even more time at the gas station with just around 16 city and 25 highway.

Overall, the 2016 Charger just proves that driving a sedan doesn’t necessarily have to be boring. Even the lowest priced models have plenty of horsepower to keep you ahead of the pack and you needn’t sacrifice comfort for performance.