Advertise with Car Wraps

Have you ever heard of car wraps for advertising? If so, have you been wondering if car wraps would help with your local advertising in Huntsville? Car wraps are a great way to advertise, but many people don’t really know what they are or how they work. So let’s talk about car wraps and how they could help your business make more money.

What Are Car Wraps?

huntsville al car wrap

Car wraps are becoming more and more popular, but what is a car wrap? Simply put, a car wrap is a vinyl decal or graphic that is applied to some or all the painted areas of your vehicle.

Using Car Wraps for Advertising

Why advertise using car wraps versus traditional advertising? Well, there are plenty of reasons. For example, people can’t avoid car wraps like they can with direct marketing.

Direct marketing flyers typically go right into the trash can. And digital advertising frequently doesn’t get a click, which means it doesn’t get seen at all. Whereas car wraps are able to generate 30,000 to 70,000 impressions daily. Your car wrap advertising is everywhere, and people cannot avoid seeing your message because it’s right there whether they want to see it or not.

Another benefit of car wrapping is that it has been proven to improve brand recognition 15 times more than any other type of advertising.

What Are the Advantages of Using Car Wraps for Advertising?

There are lots of advantages to using car wraps for advertising.

  • easy to install and easy to remove
  • less expensive than painting
  • customizable
  • cost-effective
  • subtle but effective advertising
  • Car wraps provide you with brand exposure, creating more brand recognition

    Car wraps ultimately protect the surface of your vehicle from wear and tear due to giving your vehicle an extra layer of protection.

Do Car Wraps Damage Your Vehicle?

As long as the paint on your vehicle is bonded as it should be to the surface, then no car wraps will not damage your vehicle’s painted surface.

How Do I Make Money Using Car Wraps?

Making money with car wraps is easy. First, car wraps are typically less expensive than most other forms of advertising, which saves you money if you are a business owner.

If you are an individual, you can make money advertising someone else’s business by having a car wrap put on your car. There are some places that will pay you anywhere from $100-$300 per month depending on the size of the ad and how many miles you drive per day just for having your car wrapped with their business ad.

If you are thinking about investing in car wrapping for your business or having your personal car wrapped to advertise someone else’s business, make sure to watch out for scammers. You should consider performing a thorough background and business check to verify they are a legitimate car wrapping service before committing to anything.

What’s Next?

If you want more information about using car wraps for advertising your local Huntsville business, please Contact Us today. We would love to show you just how easy and cost-effective advertising with car wraps can be.