Fiat 500 vs. the Mini – Price Does Make a Difference

Fiat 500Which is better, the Fiat 500 or the BMW Mini? This has been the subject of substantial debate. While the cars are similar, the mini typically comes out way ahead of the 500 in automotive tests. had this to say, “despite sharing sizing, unique styling and hatchback body styles, the FIAT 500 and the MINI Cooper are actually surprisingly different. While the 500 is basically a subcompact car with an upscale performance version, every MINI model offers luxury, performance and a well-crafted cabin.”

The 500 does have some advantages that are enough to make even die-hard Mini fans take a second look. The biggest advantage, the price! With a base price that is around 23% lower than the Mini’s base price, the 500 is by far the more affordable of the two.

While prices alone may not be a deciding factor for many, price combined with  other advantages for the 500 make it a strong choice in the mini/sub compact area.

In addition to price there are some strong points to consider for the Fiat: The Fiat has a 5 star European NCAP rating for driver & passenger safety. Mini has a 4 star rating on driver & passenger safety. Mini has 5 stars for rollover protection only. The Fiat base weight is 352 pounds less than the Mini’s base weight. The Fiat’s maximum passenger/cargo capacity is 970 lbs., 154 lbs more than Mini’s 816 lbs. The Fiat’s 34.8 ft. turning radius is over 3 foot tighter than the Mini’s 38 ft.