The 2017 Ram ProMaster Cargo Van Impresses

2017 Ram ProMaster 2500 High Roof Va

Image from Landers McLarty Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

The brand-new 2017 Ram ProMaster cargo van is perfect for those in business who require a reliable and efficient vehicle for day-to-day operations. A commercial van requires a number of traits and features to be of real value for a business. Performance and dimensions are two of the most important, and the Ram ProMaster van has both of these traits and more.

Capacity Counts

Commercial vans are used for transporting cargo. Not all cargo is exactly light. Business owners should be thrilled to learn the new ProMaster model can transport 5,000+ pounds of capacity — a very “generous” amount of cargo weight. The model also can tow about the same amount of weight, an impressive figure. Businesses that need to haul a lot of weight might find this vehicle a plus.

Actual cargo spatial capacity is 259 cubic feet. That figure reveals why such a significant amount of weight can be transported.

Power and Performance

Storing a lot of weight inside a cargo van won’t be of much benefit to anyone when the performance of the van is weak. This particular model of commercial van is definitely not low on power — 280 horsepower and 260 torque indicate this is one strong vehicle. All this is possible thanks to a V6 engines with 6-speed automatic transmission. An option does exist to purchase a 4-cylinder turbodiesel choice.

Interestingly, the van is a front-wheel model. Most vans of this type are rear-wheel so the front-wheel variant absolutely makes for unique and, arguably, better performance.

Basic Interior

Do not look for a host of “bells, whistles, and special features” with the interior of this commercial van. Basic operation seems to be the motivating trait. Drivers won’t be staring in awe at the dashboard, but no one is going to be confused about where the controls are and what does what. Workers mainly looking to go from origination point to destination won’t be worried too much about unnecessary features. A commercial van should be about performance and function. The Ram ProMaster cargo van embodies these two traits.

A low floor and very high ceilings not only makes for storing a lot of cargo, moving around in the van becomes easier as well. Loading and unloading won’t be as much of a chore thanks to the dimensions.

That said, the audio system in the van is solid. Drivers can also enjoy a reliable climate control system as well.

Overall, the 2017 Ram ProMaster cargo van is loaded with enough specs, features, and traits to garner a solid “thumbs up”.